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Nov. 12th, 2009 | 09:03 pm

Apparently, my biffles computer just got a virus! D: How am I going to go on without my Nina?!

But she isn't alone! I'm VERY glad I decided to run McAfee out of paranoia because, as it turns out, I HAD A TROJAN ON MY COMPUTER!!!
McAfee has quarantined it, and I'm about to delete it for good!

Woah though! Nina and I must have gotten the same one or something, since we go on all the same websites!

NINA, I really hope you get your computer fixed! Ask for a new hard drive from Dell [don't tell them its virus related, tell them something fake, like that the hard drive got corrupted somehow]

Or or take it to a computer technician. I dunno. But I need you ;_;

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