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Feb. 17th, 2010 | 01:43 am

-eats some chocolate- O hai.

I really, really hate my religion class. I can't fucking stand it.

Why should I be required to take a class where they teach me a bunch of bullshit?
I came to school to LEARN. Not to be told false stories.
Also, the teacher isn't very smart. And she's kinda...eh.
Things she has said:
-vikings came down from Alaska and discovered America [...Vikings are from Europe...]
-Some people are atheist only because they are lazy and don't wanna have to practice a religion [Ok. Just no.]
-Chinese is a language [uhm, actually pal, it isn't. There's mandarin and cantonese]
-Jewish people are arrogant [......]

And she totally avoids my questions.

I had asked her why, in the bible, Jacob is exempt from the 10 commandments. He is a clear adulterer, and yet is one of the important people of the bible. I asked how come the commandments only apply to certain people. She danced around the issue. I never got an answer.

And when she found out Ricky was athiest, she had the gall to ask him WHY he's an athiest. Honestly, why do you ask some one WHY they believe what they do?
No on asks her why she believes in Jesus.
And the class is so BORING. She goes over the SAME THINGS everyday.
I try to pay attention, really. But my mind goes wandering, and I only realize it about 10 minutes later. And I have then missed 10 minutes. Luckily, she only says the same things over and over. So I don't miss much.

This is going to be a very difficult class for me to pass.
I'm still pissed they make me take a course about something I don't believe in.

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