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Jul. 23rd, 2009 | 05:38 pm

My sister was complaining about getting bitten and stung yesterday. I think we know who's responsible for the biting and stinging <w<


Jul. 15th, 2009 | 06:13 pm

I was at the Marion Court Accepted BBQ today. I was only there for an hour and a half.


Its on my arms and a little on my face

Its not so much that it hruts cuz it doesn't.

Its that I stayed indoors constantly since the year 2005 or so to get as pale as I am. My paleness is pretty mcu hthe only thing I take pride in abuot my physical features. And it may be gone when my sunburn clears up ;__;

I'm really really upset about it. I hope it doesn't tan...I hope it just peels and goes back to pale.

I <3 my pale skin ;_;

Odd experience

Jul. 15th, 2009 | 02:40 pm

So I was walking upstiars from the 1st floor, and I saw run by the hall 'my cat'. It was really dark so all I could see with the outline, but It was fluffy and the same size of my black cat, Molly. So I called ou to her, but she didn't come. So I went into my brothers room where I assumed she went, and all I saw was the fat lard Leon laying on his bed. I know the shadow wasn't him, because A) He can't run fast at all, B) He wouldn't be able to jump up onto the bed as quickly, cuz hes so fat he struggles and C) He looked like he was there for a while and D) It was too small to be him.so I thoguht it was odd that I couldn't find my cat but i shrugged it off. I went back usptaris in the attic, and I saw my cat sitting under hte table, meaning that shadow couldn't have been my cat, because she was in the atitic the whole time,.So I figure it had to have been my sister cat, Alice, even though alice isn't flufy. So I went into my sisters room and, oddly enough, Alice was in there. the shadow couldn't haev been her either.But it was a solid figure and it was not a trick of the eye. it was clear as day and not just something that I thought I saw.Apparently, my sister has seen this thing liek 435 times, cuz when I told her I saw it, she freaked out and her eyes got teary, saying how she sees it all the time, but she just thought she was crazy

(no subject)

Jul. 14th, 2009 | 07:47 pm

Actally, scartch that last part of the last post. My sister said that in the dell contract, it says that anyhting you ship to them becomes their property. SO it wouldn't be illegal for them to look onto the hard drives, I don't think. Commense freaking out again and probably blowing things out of proportion.

Extremely extremely worried.

Jul. 14th, 2009 | 07:35 pm

My sister is sending her two old hardrives with her computer
And her two old hard drives have a buttload of illegal shit on them.

My sister told me that they might send my dad to jail for it!


I mean, they wouldn't reall do that would they? They must get like 4354 hard drives, and every hard drive would have illegally downloaded stuff on it, woudln't it? Cuz of how mainstream it is? So they would just randomly white knightning and tell the cops or anything?

I really wish Nina was on so she could console my fears. I can't bear the thought of my dad going to jail for my sisters stupidity. I need him. He's my fazha and I love him!

Its not like they'd even check the hard drives anyways, right? I mean, they're jsut going to wipe them and reuse them, aren't they?
I'm probably being really irattional. I think I'm getting my period in a week or 2, so I'm expereincing pre-pms mood swings. Even though I had my period last week already.


-Jess just brought up a good point. It would be illegal for the Dell people to look at the hard drives, wouldn't it? Invasion of privacy? So they really can't look through them ,can they?

I'm a lot more consoled now. I'm glad I confided in her. I'm still worried, but not very worried now.

Pissed off

Jul. 13th, 2009 | 07:15 pm

I'm so pissed off right now! My stupid sister has to choose THIS WEEK to ship out her cpu. The week when Nina has no work all week!

This figures. It really just does. The week when Nina has no work, I have to share a fuckin' computer with my sister. No one has any idea just how pissed off I am. I mean, my sister has been putting it off since like 2 weeks, can't she put it off for one more week? 


I don't know why this shit always seems to happen. Whenever Nina has a lot of time off from work, something happens in my life that would prevent me from being able to enjoy it. Even though she's going to spend a lot of time with Mike and we probably won't talk 24/7 all week anyways, it doesn't matter because its the principle of the thing. That its just that this type of thing always seems to happen when Nina doesn't have work. Like, back in December, Nina has a lot of time off from work coming up. I was looking forward to getting to talk to her everyday. But of course, I didn't get to because my computer broke.

Ugh I'm just pissed pissed pissed. My sis is supposed to ship it off tommorw and it probably won't be back for 7+ days. and of coruse then my sister pulls the whole "well, the destkop isn't really YOUR computer" when everyone knows it pretty much is. Any other day its labeled "my" computer, but when its convienient for HER, it suddenly becomes the family computer. SDLFKSFLSDKNf Jsut pissed.


Jul. 8th, 2009 | 11:48 am

I go to Marion Court College-Well, lemme say a little about that college first.

I'm in love with this College, by the way. I can't fucking BELIEVE how NICE everyone is! All the staff there is warm and inviting, they're kind, always offering to help....my gosh. And the SCENERY is just GORGEOUS. RIGHT by the water, there's forest near it. Its just...a dream come true. Really. I'm glad that Nina talked to me about transferring colleges months ago and settled some of my nerves about it. Since it's a two year college, I'm going to transfer to Endicott. Marian Court has a deal with Endicott, as it does with other colleges, that any students that are able to keep their grades C's or Above all 2 years will get accepted to Endicott on the spot, and even get a transfer scholarship! ALSO, Marian Court USED to be a get away house for presidents. So it's pretty old-possible paranormal/folk activity? ;) I'll have to ask around to see!

Anyways, I go there for my placement test today. Kinda nervous about leaving my house, as I always am. But I think I'll do fine on the test. I'm a smart cookie.

Also, on Saturday is my graduation party w00t! It'll be a grand old time! I'll get to see all my friends again!

My favorite "not always right" so far.

Jun. 6th, 2009 | 09:06 pm

Me: “911, what is your emergency?”

Caller: “You have to help me! Someone has been following me all day!”

Me: “Can you give a description of the person?”

Caller: “She’s all black, taller than me, and no face.”

Me: “Ma’am…that’s your shadow.”

Caller: “A what?”

Me: “Ma’am, a shadow is seen as a reflection of yourself when the sun is at a certain angle.”

Caller: “Oh my GOD! It’s like a fairy!”

Me: “No, it–”


Me: “Have a nice day, ma’am.”

Gross and random fact!!

May. 20th, 2009 | 09:11 pm

I HAVEN'T SHOWERED IN THREE DAYS! ....-goes to shower-


May. 4th, 2009 | 08:55 pm